2022-2023 Officer Installation

As with many other organizations and businesses, COVID-19 closed the doors to events, gatherings and really any fun.  Wor. Todd Freidenberg was at the helm during this tumultuous time (2020-2021) and did a great job, but didn’t really get to do much.  Fast forward to this year, and he’s back!  On Saturday June 18th, 2022, DeWitt Clinton Lodge installed the 2022-2023 suite of officers with Wor. Todd Freidenberg installed as Master once again, this time with family and friends in attendance!

Outgoing Master, Wor. Thomas Mantopoulos received a very special item on this day. It is tradition for the outgoing Master to be presented with a Past Master’s Jewel. The Jewel given to Wor. Mantopoulos was that of Past Master Walter Uggerholt, whom he held in very high regard and was close with until his death in 2019. There are no coincidences.